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Keyword monitoring

Companies realise an increasing share of their turnover via the internet.
It is possible to assign names as KEYWORD through certain advertising campaigns. The person who enters a certain search term on the internet may be referred to the search results he has asked for, but at the same time his internet page contains advertisements of related companies, or companies that have an interest in profiling themselves when a certain search term is used.

The person who searches for your page may get confused by the advertising of those other companies and visit your competitor’s page. This way, your turnover will end up with your competitor.
The use of keywords is subject to rules. Of course, you do not have to allow everything and as trademark owner you have substantial rights.

Trademark Agency Den Herder monitors your trademark or trade name on the internet. If another party uses your trade name or trademark improperly, you will be notified.
After reviewing the costs and strategy, action can be taken against this improper use.
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